The Canoe Fight
The famed “Canoe Fight” took place on November 12, 1813 near where Randon's Creek
empties into the Alabama River. Sam Dale, Jeremiah Austill, and James Smith, aboard a canoe
paddled by a black man named Caesar, met and defeated in a brief but vicious fight a larger
group of Red Stick warriors aboard another canoe in the middle of the river.
Randon’s Creek is
a tributary of the Alabama River in Monroe County, Alabama, named after a family who lived in
the area at the time of the Creek War.

The exact location of the Canoe Fight is unknown. An historic marker commemorating the event
stands on
Madison Road about three miles east of Gainestown in south Clarke County (GPS
coordinates 31.445267, -87.644307).

Randon's Creek
Alabama River