Fort Sinquefield
Fort Sinquefield was one of several fortifications constructed in the
Tensaw region in the summer of 1813. The fort, home to
approximately fifty settlers, was attacked by a large group of Red
Stick warriors on September 2, 1813. Most of the people caught
outside the fort’s walls narrowly escaped to safety when a settler
named Isaac Hayden famously turned a pack of hunting dogs on the
attackers. In the two-hour battle, the fort’s small garrison successfully
held off the Red Stick force of several times their number. After the
battle, the inhabitants of the Sinquefield fled to Fort Madison, ten miles

The site of Fort Sinquefield lies near Fort Sinquefield Road, a short
distance off Highway 84 in the vicinity of the community of Whatley
in central Clarke County, Alabama. The site is commemorated by a
stone marker placed on the site in 1931. About three quarters of a
mile away, at the junction of Fort Sinquefield Road and Highway 84, is
a more modern marker.