Fort Claiborne
Monument near site of Fort Claiborne
Alabama River near site of Fort Claiborne
General Ferdinand L. Claiborne oversaw the construction of Fort Claiborne in November of 1813. The fort,
approximately two hundred feet square and featuring three blockhouses and a battery of artillery, was located
along the Alabama River on a 150-foot high limestone outcropping known as “Weatherford’s Bluff.” Flournoy
originally intended the fort to serve as a supply depot for Andrew Jackson’s troops, who at the time were
believed to be preparing to march south to join Claiborne. From this location, Claiborne led a force of
approximately one thousand men on a campaign against the Holy Ground in December of 1813.

An historic plaque commemorating the fort stands on Highway 84 in Monroe County, Alabama at the crossing
of the Alabama River. An historic marker at the site, placed by the state of Alabama,  was damaged during a
recent storm and has been temporarily removed.