Clay Williams and Mike Bunn have been interested in the study of the Creek War and the War of
1812 in the Gulf South for several years. They first began serious research into the subject while
working together at the Old Capitol Museum of Mississippi History, where they were involved in
planning a permanent exhibition focusing on the Mississippi Territory from its organization in 1798
to its division into the states of Mississippi (1817) and Alabama (1819). Unfortunately, damage to
the museum by Hurricane Katrina caused the cancellation of the project.

Utilizing research conducted for the exhibition as a starting point, they sought another format for
their work. The result is
Battle for the Southern Frontier.

Clay Williams serves as the Director of Old Capitol Museum in Jackson, Mississippi. He has worked
with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History since 1999.
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Mike Bunn serves as the Executive Director of the Historic Chattahoochee Commission, with
offices in Eufaula, Alabama and LaGrange, Georgia. He worked with the Mississippi Department of
Archives and History and the Columbus Museum previously.
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Mike Bunn
Clay Williams